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In the process of developing the European Lithium Institute (eLi) and the European Lithium Institute PLUS project, this database was created to provide a central knowledge platform for all existing and future members. All data relevant in the context of the lithium economy should be collected and linked. This includes raw material deposits, processing chains, scientific and technical competencies, financial support, educational opportunities and regulations. At the same time, each member should be enabled to enter the data available to him and to link it in a meaningful way with existing data. Therefor this plattform fullfills the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with highly heterogeneous data types
  • Semantic linkability of information
  • Hybrid data structure and representation suitable for man and machine
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation

Technically this plattform consisting of the following OpenSource components

Mediawiki provides the basic document-based data structure. Furthermore, extensive interfaces for human (editors) and machine (API) are provided. Templates and forms ensure uniformity and efficiency. The extension Semantic Media Wiki provides the Wiki with numerous possibilities for linking and annotating data. In addition, semantic queries can be sent directly to the Wiki and results can be visualized in a variety of ways. With the Bluespice extensions, specific access rights within the wiki can be realized.

In interaction, this system can provide all required functions and also offer a long-term solid and cost-effective solution.

Further information is located in the Introduction.